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Project Description


Trail of Tre Chiese Planino di Tribil Inferiore

07.30 Starting point in Trieste

08.30 Start with the guide at Carraria in Cividale del Friuli and way to Castelmonte

09.00 Departure from Santuario di Castelmonte (Prepotto)

11.30 arrival at the Church of San Nicolò

12.00 arrival in Raca and refreshment

14.30 arrival at the Church of San Giovanni

16.30 arrival in Stregna and lunch in a refined trattoria part of Via dei Sapori

18.00 way back to Trieste

Walking distance: 15 km

Up in the wooded mountains among beech trees, hornbeam and chestnut trees stand out the churches of Castelmonte, San Nicolò and San Giovanni linked by an invisible line which becomes the trail to be walked and experienced looking at the surrounding beauty.

From the ancient sanctuary of Santa Maria del Monte, one of the most important one in the Patriarchy of Aquileia which already was a Roman placement, you will then reach San Nicolò Church (built in 1294) and admiring the panoramic view of Prealpi Giulie on the Judrio valley and the Bainsizza plateau.

The wood surrounds some crosses, memories of the Great War recalling past events.

Before visiting the gotical Church of San Giovanni you can stop for refreshment in a local trattoria.

The landscape will gradually offer a South panoramic view on a flat wide valley in Tribil Inferiore also well-known as Planino – one of the last area of Natisone Valley characterized by wide mown fields where a very ancient chestnut tree can be admired.

Price per person starting from 150€ with 7 participants.

It is possible to take the tour even if there are fewer participants.

The price includes transfer, guided tour, a guide along the trail, refreshment, lunch, insurance.